Opening a Company in Cluj Napoca

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Cluj-Napoca named the “heart of Transylvania”, is a very cosmopolite European City and an important business destination for South-East Europe.

The procedure for opening a company in Cluj is no different from setting up a company in any city in Romania. But the practices of the Cluj Trade Register might hold some specifics when setting up more complicated structures such as subsidiaries, branches, or representative offices in Cluj. To avoid any issues, please contact us before starting the procedures of incorporating a business in Cluj.

If I want to function in Cluj it is mandatory to open a local company?

This depends. You can do business anywhere in Romania no matter where the main company seat is located, however, if a certain physical activity takes place in Cluj, then you will need to add that location as main company seat or secondary location (this can be done through a Resolution).

What are the steps for incorporating a company in Cluj Napoca?

The following steps are required:

  • Company name reservation;
  • Drafting the necessary documents depending on the structure of the Cluj company;
  • Authenticating the documents;
  • Filing the documents with the Cluj Trade Register.

Can the local company be setup remotely without visiting Cluj Napoca?

Yes, a company can be set up in Cluj Napoca without a personal visit. It is possible that some other local consultants might tell you otherwise, this might be because they lack experience when working with foreign investors.

Can you offer a virtual office/company seat in Cluj Napoca?

Yes, we can. If you do not have a local office we can offer a virtual office solution. We can offer a registered office for any period of time.

Why I should open a company in Cluj Napoca?

Cluj is the second richest city in Romania after Bucharest and there are some good reasons why someone should consider investing here:

  • according to the last public data, there are over 730,000 inhabitants, plus more than 160,000 students (as Cluj Napoca is the 2nd university center). The students provide an interesting incentive for qualified but cheap labor market;
  • direct access to highways (E60, E81 …) and the railway which provides good connections for both passengers and freight, in Romania and internationally;
  • The International Airport is on the European route E576, 10 km east of the city center, and 12 km from the railway station. The airport provides direct flights to major cities in Europe, passengers and cargo type;
  • It became Romania’s Silicone Valley because of its qualified IT specialists. More and more famous IT companies are outsourcing to Cluj;
  • An increasing number of investments (technology parks such as the Liberty Technology Park or Tetarom Industrial Parks). These parks offer exemptions from local taxes on buildings and land within the site.

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