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Open a Company in Romania

No matter whether the investors from a Romanian company are residents or foreigners, in front of the law they are treated the same and benefit from the same opportunities of developing economic activities in Romania.

All entities operate independently and are separated by their shareholders/partners’ legal units, having their own patrimony, administration, registered capital, headquarters, and bank accounts.

In Romania, there are two types of companies: joint-stock companies (S.A. – societate pe actiuni) and limited liability companies (SRL – societate cu raspundere limitata). In the case of an SRL, the foreigner can have sole ownership and hold all shares, while in the case of a SA, there must be at least two shareholders (private persons or legal entities).

The most commonly used legal form in Romania is the SRL (LLC). All businesses must be registered at ONRC (the National Trade Register Office – Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the corporation begins its existence from the date of registration.
ONRC is a public institution that keeps statistical information of economic activities. The process of company incorporation in Romania states that every business must have at least a shareholder for an SRL and two for a SA. More than that, one person can’t be a unique partner/associate in more than one company. Shareholders can be either companies or individuals and can all be non-Romanians.


Romania Company Creation Specialists

The Romanian Law Firm, based in Cluj Napoca, Romania has helped a large number of foreign investors in opening Limited Liability Companies, Joint Stock Companies, Branches, and Subsidiary Offices throughout Romania. One of our major activities is related to company creation in Romania as well as additional services like accounting, virtual office, and bank account opening.

We have incorporated more than 3,500 companies, branches, or representative offices. Our Romanian Law Firm is acting on the Romanian market since 2005 as a competitive and active participant.

Our law office has been chosen by foreign investors from all around the world due to professional services and a profound understanding of the Romanian market in regards to special business licenses, consultancy throughout company activity, and tax law. We are also working with other respectable company formation agents from the United Kingdom, Italy, the USA, Canada, and Ukraine. Our team of professional lawyers assists our clients throughout the entire process of registering a company in Romania. We are able to represent you in front of any official authority in Romania being thoroughly familiar with the current economic conditions.


Reasons to Invest in Romania

Romania is one of the fast-growing countries in the European Union for the past few years, regarding the economical environment, therefore being a strategic choice for new foreign investors. The main reason to invest in Romania is the dynamic and competitive economy with a rich history in the trade and businesses sector. Romania’s evolution in terms of technology is another good reason, alongside the taxation system which offers a lot of advantages to start-ups and small businesses compared to other EU member states. Additionally, Cluj Napoca has developed a lot in the past years – modernization, construction of new buildings for homes and offices, and legislations improvements for supporting businesses developed on the territory.

The real estate sector has increased tremendously the marketing becoming more mature. The office market has evolved fast, developers are starting to relocate their building projects to other areas of the town, besides the office area from the North. Alongside the striving real estate sector, geopolitical factors are also favorable, another reason to invest in Romania, next to the local economic indicators showing solid premises for positive evolution on the short-term and long-term perspective.


How Can We Help You to Open a Romanian Company

Our main office is located in Cluj Napoca, one of the biggest IT Hubs in Romania, and we can access an alliance of partner specialists who will put your issue first and handle it confidentially and professionally.

Our knowledge, experience, and high-quality services effectively combine in order to manage all legal formalities necessary throughout the registering company Romania procedures.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers willing to open Romanian companies by providing an easy-to-use, informative, and straightforward approach.

This applies to all of our services, and for every company creation, we undertake. Due to the vast number of incorporations handled each year, we can offer you the advice of the most highly trained and experienced company formation consultants.


Shelf Company

There are foreign investors that are interested in buying an already-made company in order to start a business in Romania, rather than setting up a new one from the beginning. There are a lot of reasons why they would choose to acquire a Romanian Shelf Company for developing their activities, but the most important one is the absence of the registration procedure since the company is already registered with the Romanian authorities. The only step to be made is following the instructions and requirements for ownership transfer, this step only takes a day. Shelf companies in Romania have no financial activity on the market, therefore they lead to no liability. This is the main advantage for the foreign entrepreneurs that want to get a bank loan in Romania. Still, it is recommended to contact our consultants specialized in Shelf Companies in order to clarify all the aspects, get all the information needed about the requirements of buying a shelf company.


Accounting services in Romania

As a business owner and investor of a Romanian company, you are always looking for the best offers and alternatives in all service areas required for business development, including accounting services in Romania. We provide a wide range of high-class facilities in the Romanian professional accounting sector, offering our clients the best alternatives and solutions, strictly personalized for them. We have affiliates in Cluj Napoca and all major cities of the country, that are able to provide accurate and complex strategies for legal entities or individuals, in order to deliver the best value for the client. We are committed to providing the best results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, along with site a deep understanding of the specifics of your business. Our accounting services in Romania are based on accuracy, promptitude, and support for our clients, based on the perfect understanding of the basic concepts of their businesses.

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Our experience in obtaining the companies and banking accounts differentiates us from the competition. We cover all your needs, from the incorporation of your company, the creation of fiscal and compliance structures, to obtaining the banking account and operating licenses.

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