Obtain EORI Number in Romania

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Obtain EORI Number in Romania

The EORI number is a unique identifier within the European Community, that authorities can request the economic operators to use in specific situations. The EORI number can be issued for both natural persons and legal entities.

Starting with the 1st of July 2009, the EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number was implemented in Romania, and at the level of the EU. The system was created with the purpose of having a unitary system that can easily track the goods that are traded at the level of the EU and it is applied to all commercial operators in the EU, Romania included.

However, the EORI number is not required just in Romania and in other European countries, but it is also required for entities trading in the EU and which are registered in countries outside the EU.

To obtain the EORI number, the non-EU entity should apply for the EORI number in the country of UE where the first import operation takes place. For example, if this place is Romania, then the non-EU company should address to the Romanian customs authorities, which will handle the procedure. Our Romanian team can offer full legal representation to the companies interested in applying for a Romanian EORI number.

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What is the EORI number used for?

Any Romanian company importing or exporting goods will be assigned at the registration an identification number, used for each operator to serve as a common reference in the relations with customs authorities throughout the European Community. This information will also be exchanged between customs authorities and between any other involved authorities. More information on when the EORI number can be required may be provided by our law firm in Romania.

Is the EORI registration mandatory in Romania?

Registration for EORI number is mandatory for the following:

  • operators (persons which during their professional activities covered by customs legislation, such as the import, export, transit, storage, representation and operations prior to arrival/departure of the goods that are inserted or removed from European Community)
  • persons other than economic operators that introduce or remove goods to and from the EU.

How can I obtain an EORI number in Romania?

The competent authority for registering and assigning EORI numbers is the Directorate General of Customs, working under the National Agency of Fiscal Administration. The EORI numbers will be required at regional customs departments for each territorial jurisdiction where the company seat is located and in some exceptional cases, at the border customs offices. Our team of Romanian lawyers can offer more information on the procedure.

In order to be assigned an EORI number, the entity/person is required to submit an application for registration. This application is available at the Romanian Customs Authority. The Romanian legal entity or person will also be required to provide supporting documentation, such as:

  • the registration certificate issued by the Romanian Trade Register or similar other registration documents issued by competent authorities in this regard;
  • the registration certificate for VAT purposes issued by the Ministry of Finance, if applicable;
  • the document showing the registered fiscal residence, as appropriate, in the event that it does not correspond to that specified in the certificate(s);
  • ID copies, in case of individuals who need to have an EORI number in Romania.

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