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Please provide 3 choices, in order of preference. name conventions as follows:

  • a distinctive, non-descriptive first word or prefix (ex. person's name, initials, a made-up word, a geographical location)
  • a business descriptor
  • corporate identifier (SRL)

Example: ABC Holdings SRL


If you have already reserved a name, please provide the name reservation number:

Reasons to have Szilaghi Consulting as your Corporate Address
 will store and manage the Company's records, prepare and file annual reports, receive service and mail on behalf of the Company). 
If NO, please provide a registered and records office address (this must be an address in Romania, and can not be a PO box):
Why have Romania Company as the Corporate Address for your Company?

- We manage any communications regarding the Corporate Registry, even when the owners are away.
- If the registered address is a home, and there are multiple shareholders, then the shareholders must come to the person's home for the minute books if needed. This can be problematic if there are multiple shareholders.
- A business might be perceived as small if a home address is provided versus a corporate address.
- We ensure that annual filing deadlines are met and that annual filings are handled properly.
- We also ensure that that corporate records are maintained in good order and are current.

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Romania Company
Calea Dorobantilor 89, Bl X3, Sc 1, Ap 2, Cluj Napoca, CJ, 400609, Romania