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I’m Martin Marton and I represent a transportation company from Hungary and we are interested in finding more about the rules and regulations that govern the process of setting up transportation companies in Romania?

There are two different aspects that the client must be aware of,  one referring to general procedures regarding the company registration process and the other one concerning the specific stipulations implied by the particular domain that we are talking about.

According to Romanian laws, the mandatory steps to be followed when incorporating involve the decision establishing a business name, a registered address, a bank account, the management team, the certificate of incorporation and the registration with the National Trade Register.

All requirements can be verified together with an expert who is able to indicate the best possible approach also providing a comprehensive perspective on various legal features.

Which documents are required to open a Transportation Company in Romania?

The specific part when establishing a Romanian transport company deals with necessary licenses that are to be obtained in order to be able to properly carry out this activity.

Most documents needed to incorporate transportation companies in Romania relate to details proving the appropriateness of vehicles owned and used by the company.

The Romanian Automotive Register (RAR) will provide the approval for each vehicle in question; the car must be also registered with the Department for Driving Licenses and Vehicles Registration (DRPCIV), and the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) must receive all contiguous taxes.

According to current legislation, the transportation companies in Romania must comply with four distinctive regulations concerning the professional competences, the necessary financial attribute, the good repute quality, and the existence of a permanent establishment.

Each of these conditions shall be verified through specific documents that are mandatory and must be attached to the file which is to be submitted to the Romanian Road Transport Authority.

The papers that need to be considered for the registration procedure include a set of particular documents such as bank guarantee or the proof of the last accounting balance, a document of approval from the Trade Register, a complete list of all cars owned and used by the company, a document proving the professional competence.

When establishing a Romanian transport company a very complex legal process must be completed and, according to the specific profile of the company, certain details will be taken in consideration to guarantee the optimal manner of carrying out these activities.

Our team is able to handle such procedures and our experts focus on finding solutions to our clients’ questions. We provide a wide range of alternatives adapted to Romanian legal background and also to international regulations, as well as emphasizing possible exceptions related to your business area.

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