Residence Permit in Romania

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Residence Permit in Romania

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and foreign nationals residing in Romania must obtain temporary residence documents, such as residence permits, residence cards, registration certificates, or EU Blue Cards.

These are residence documents in Romania and are mandatory if the stay in Romania exceeds 90 days within a 6-month peri. They contain a personal numerical code number (CNP) to be further used for tax and social security purposes. The residence documents are granted by the Romanian authorities:

  • According to the purpose of stay in Romania (for local employment/assignment/family reunification/study etc.).
  • On the basis of a long-stay D-type visa previously obtained, where this is required for initial entry.

These documents are granted to foreign nationals typically on the basis of a long-stay D-type visa. They are issued within 30-45 days of the application and are valid for up to 12 months, and they are extendable.

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Types of Temporary Residence Documents

Based on the individual’s nationality, the Romanian authorities can issue the following types of residence documents:

Single Permits

  • Identification documents attesting the foreigner’s right to reside and work in Romania.
  • Granted to foreign nationals typically on the basis of a long-stay D-type visa for local employment / for assignment.
  • Issued within 30-45 days of the application and valid for up to 12 months, Extendable.

ICT Permit

  • Granted to a foreign individual who is an ICT worker, and who is transferred within the same company.
  • Valid for the duration of the transfer but no longer than 3 years for managers and specialists and one year for trainee employees.

Registration Certificates

  • Granted to EU/EEA/Swiss nationals.
  • Issued within 1 day of application and valid for up to 5 years, extendable.
  • Typically required for a stay in Romania exceeding 3 months.

Residence Cards

  • Granted to foreign individuals who are family members of an EU/ EEA/Swiss/Romanian national.
  • Issued within 90 days of application and valid for up to 5 years, extendable.
  • Mandatory if the stay in Romania exceeds 90 days within a 6- month period.

EU Blue Cards

  • Granted to foreign individuals who are highly-skilled employees who conclude local employment contracts.
  • Monthly salary of at least 2 average gross monthly salaries.
  • Valid for up to 2 years, depending on the validity of the employment contract.
  • After an 18-month legal stay in an EU Member State, the foreign individual can move to another EU Member State to occupy a highly- skilled position.

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Long-Term Residence Permits/ Residence Cards

  • Granted to foreign nationals typically with 5-year validity or 10-year validity, in the case of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals.
  • To be eligible to obtain a long-term right of residence in Romania, the foreign national or EU/EEA/Swiss national must have had an uninterrupted and legal stay in Romania for the previous 5 years based on Romanian temporary residence documents.
  • Foreign nationals must have knowledge of the Romanian language – conversational level.

Family Reunification

Non-EU Dependents. Spouses and children should obtain Romanian immigration documents for family reunification (i.e. special approvals from the General Inspectorate for Immigration, long-stay D-type visas, residence permits) if accompanying the foreign national during his/her long stay in Romania.
Children are required to obtain a residence permit, irrespective of their age.
Family reunification procedures can be initiated once the foreign national obtains his/her Romanian residence permit / EU Blue. Card (The residence permit should be valid for at least 1 year). Family members of some nationals can enter Romania together with the main applicant. Requirements must be reviewed individually as per each case. Marriage and birth certificates with either the Hague Convention Apostille or over-legalization stamps, as appropriate, are required for family member applications.

EU Dependents. EU nationals may travel freely to Romania but are required to register their residence in the country. Registration is processed based on a marriage certificate for a spouse and birth certificates for children, bearing either the Hague Convention Apostille or over-legalization stamps, as appropriate.

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